Triple Band X Shape Microstrip Patch Antenna for Ku/K Band Applications

  •  Md. Samsuzzaman Sobuz    
  •  M. Islam    
  •  J. Mandeep    


In this article, electrically small, triple band, triple frequency X shaped patch antenna is presented. The proposed X shape patch antenna consists of five rectangular slots which produces dual band operation for Ku band applications and another one for K band applications. In order to achieve multiband operation from conventional rectangular slot, it is introduced three equilateral triangle slots in left, right and upper edge respectively, and two small triangular slots are protruding both sides of the feed line. By increasing the number of steps, the antenna’s operating bandwidth, with return loss less than -10 dB, covers the frequency ranges from 15.104 GHz to 15.632 GHz, 17.336 to 17.912 GHz which is suitable for Ku band applications and 18.476 to 19.28 GHz which is suitable for K band applications. The proposed antenna has also achieved symmetric and almost steady radiation patterns and peak gains of 4.80 dBi, 6.42 dBi and 3.91dBi at these operating bands.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.