Determination of Optimum Conditions with Regression Analysis within the Scope of 6 Sigma for Eliminating Caking Problem in Nitrogen Fertilizers

  •  Ahmet Ozan Gezerman    
  •  Mahmut Nedim Dolunay    


In the nitrogen fertilizer industry, the nitrogen content of chemical fertilizers is an important parameter that determines its physical strength, storage capacity and storage life. The production variables that determine this physical parameter, which is characterized as degradation and caking, can be expressed as the characteristics that determine the course of the chemical process. Although there are improvements in reaction conditions to solve the caking problem, the cost problem of the manufacturer limits the processing conditions. For this reason, in order to minimize the cost problem in any nitrogen fertilizer production process, the analysis of working conditions and the development of quality management systems accordingly constitute the focus of the manufacturer. In this study, within the scope of lean production, regression analysis of the 6-sigma quality method system was performed, the process parameters during the production were analyzed, the optimum conditions were determined and the effect on the production cost was investigated by comparing with the current production conditions.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.