Study of Optical MIMO Transmission Systems Using the MGDM Multiplexing Technique

  •  N. Elhajrat    
  •  O. Elouatssi    
  •  A. El Abbassi    
  •  F. Essahlaoui    
  •  M. Aftatah    


In current local area networks, multimode fibers (MMFs), mainly graded index (GI) MMFs, are the main types of fibers used for data communications. Because of their high bandwidth, they are considered the main method of transmission that allows to offer multiservice broadband services using optical multiplexing techniques.

The MGDM (ModeGroup Division Multiplexing) is a Multiplexing technique, which aims to improve the performance of the multimode optical fiber by spatially multiplexing the data streams to be transmitted. In this work, we study optical MIMO (multi-input multi-output) transmission systems on an MMF optical fiber, specifically the adaptation of the architecture of MIMO transmission systems. In this context, we have studied the mode group multiplexing technique (MDGM), to evaluate the transmission capacity. In fact, the latter depends on the injection conditions and the state of the optical fiber.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.