Nizar Qabbani's Attitude towards Arab-Israeli Peace Treaties: An Analysis of his Poetic Contents

  •  Ismail Suliman Almazaidah    


This study aims to discuss the attitude of the Arab poet Nizar Qabbani towards peace treaties with Israel. It examines a number of poems in which the poet shows his rejection of these treaties. Using a discourse analysis approach, the study explores the poet's attitudes toward these treaties and the poetic imagery he uses to express his rejection. The study concludes that Qabbani’s attitude is marked by his rejection of such treaties, and he expressed his anger towards the Arab leaders who signed them and on the Arab nations who did not object their signature. The content analysis of Qabbani’s poetry reveals that it is characterized by directness and constructiveness in some verses. It is also marked by its distance from the simple and compound images and from the aesthetics that are always found in his romantic poetry.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.