The Marshall–Olkin Generalized Inverse Weibull Distribution: Properties and Application

  •  Hamdy M. Salem    


In this paper, a new distribution namely, The Marshall–OlkinGeneralized Inverse Weibull Distribution is illustrated and studied. The new distribution is very flexible and contains sub-models such asinverse exponential, inverse Rayleigh, Weibull, inverse Weibull, Marshall–Olkininverse Weibull and Fréchetdistributions. Also, the hazard function of the new distribution can produce variety of forms:an increase, a decrease and an upside-down bathtub. Some properties such as hazard function, quintile function, entropy, moment generating function and order statistics are obtained. Different estimation approaches namely, maximum likelihood estimators, interval estimators, least square estimators, fisher information matrix and asymptotic confidence intervals are described. To illustrate the superior performance of the proposed distribution, a simulation study and a real data analysis are investigated against other models.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.