Effects of Sand/Gravel Mining in Minna Emirate Area of Nigeria on Stakeholders

  •  Lawal P.O    


The paper examined sand and gravel mining activities both on land and the rivers as a business venture in Minna emirate council of Niger state, Nigeria. It identified various stakeholders in this business as: the landlords of the quarries, the local government authorities and the miners among others. It further looked at what each stakeholder stands to gain or lose in the business. Quantitative data were collected on the direct financial benefits from the quarrying work and the analysis of these data, using percentages, showed that while the quarry owner and the local government put together earn less than 8 percent of the total profit accruing from the business, the miner ferries away over 92 percent of the accrued revenue. It was recommended that repairs should be made to the exploited mines and that government agents in charge of the quarries should be more responsive to the movements in the market prices of the commodity.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.