Empirical Determination of Property Assets Management Styles in South-Western Nigeria Hotels

  •  Olufemi Durodola    
  •  Samuel Oloyede    


A survey was conducted on probabilistically determined 57 hotels of various ‘stars’ in South-Western geo-political zone of Nigeria. The study investigates hotels’ property assets management styles with a view to fashioning out appropriate management methodology and develop an integrated resource management framework. Data were collected from hotel organizations’ management, general managers, staff and customers. Information obtained was complemented by the physical assessment of hotel structures and system operations. Stratified sampling technique backed by cluster sampling was used. Descriptive statistics was employed for statistical analysis. Findings showed that maintenance management predominates in the industry while facilities management is just filtering in with emphasis on facilities benchmarking. Property management is not favoured at all. The study recommends that Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation should develop a framework for quality assurance policy improvement among hotels in Nigeria. By so doing, hotel management companies and intending property development and management companies would be guided and buoyed into doing things beyond benchmarking.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.