An Evaluation on Construction Land Intensive Use in Chengdu City

  •  Zhou You    
  •  Wenkuan Chen    
  •  Liu Song    


Facing the national conditions that there is a huge number of the population many people but it has very limited land resources. Also the cultivated land resource is shortage. In the process of urbanization, how to improve the land use efficiency? How to intensive utilization of urban land? Discuss these problems for reasonable use limited land resources have important practical significance. What is a city intensive utilization of land? And how to evaluate the urban land use intensive degree? This paper adopts DE Phil method and analytic hierarchy process (ahp), from the present situation of Chengdu city land using, carrying on the intensive use appraisal to Chengdu 05-09 year construction land, including qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis. Draw Chengdu urban land intensive use level in general is increasing trend, Including 2006 intensive degree is maximum, 05 year, 07-09 year are in relatively intensive use phase. Accordingly forward the countermeasures and proposals to increase the level of land intensive use Chengdu city.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.