Lecturers’ Industrial Attachment Programme to Increase Lecturers’ Soft Skill and Technological Competencies for Global Stability and Security

  •  Mohamad Fadzil Basir Ahmad    
  •  Kamarul Ariffin Abd Rashid    


Knowledge is Power for Global Stability and Security. As part of the Polytechnic’s Transformation Plan, lecturers are encouraged to undergo industrial attachment in the related industries to broaden their outlook, experience and keep-up with the latest development in technology. By undergoing the two months attachment stint with the industries, they have the opportunity to experience the real-life working environment especially for those who don’t have the experience. As the result, lecturers will be able to gather knowledge and up-to-date skill which can be shared with their colleagues and students in order to benefit and enrich their learning experiences. Based on the interview held, it proves that the LIA programme helps to boost the lecturers’ competency in their area of specialisation in both pedagogical and technical aspect.

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