Performance of Trickling Filter with Bio Fillings for the Treatment of Municipal Waste Water

  •  Salam Bash AlMaliky    
  •  Zainab Qahtan ElKhayat    


A biological filter model with three different filling media (Wild Thorn, Arum Plant (Fiber) and Date Palm Bark), was made for biological treatment of municipal waste water. This is the first documented attempt, on the international level, of using these plants as fillings for the trickling filters. Tests were made for three different superficial flow rates (15, 30 and 45 m3/m2.d) for about four months (February to May, 2008), so as to consider the variations in ambient temperature.

Results indicate that good BOD5 removal efficiencies may be achieved by the use of these filling Medias. With a superficial flow rate of (15 m3/m2.d), efficiencies of about (76%, 71% and 62%) for Wild thorns, Arum Plant (Fiber) and Date Palm Bark, respectively, were achieved under ambient temperatures of about 36-40 ?C, and (73%, 69% and 61%), in the same sequence, under 23-25 ?C. Also the constants (n and K) affecting the performance of the trickling filter, were determined.

A problem of filter clog was indicated with the use of Date Palm Bark under high superficial flow rates (+ 30m3/m2.d). Also, high abundance of flies around the model was noticed with the use of all tested filling media. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.