Study of Carbon Value of the Allotment of Former Coal Mining Land of PT Samantaka Batubara for Sustainable Mining Environment

  •  Restu Juniah    


Sustainable environment is a hope for the sustainability of a civilization, because environmental damage can destroy civilization. Mining commodities needed by humans to build civilization and the fulfillment of the necessities of life such as houses, high rise buildings, motor vehicles, mobile phones, electronic equipment, home appliances, office equipment, and others. Mining activities are conducted to obtain mining commodities. Mining companies during the life of the mine are obliged to keep the mining environment sustainable, and entirely entitled to determine its former mining land. Revegetation activities on former coal mines can provide external benefits of carbon values. Research conducted by survey with quantitative method aims to provide an economic assessment of the carbon value of former coal mine land of PT Samantaka Batubara for rubber plantations. The research finds that the carbon value of former mining land of PT Samantaka Batubara for rubber plantation can keep the mining environment sustainable. The economic valuations undertaken to determine the value of carbon use the equations found in this study developed from previous studies. The results of the study found the value of carbon benefits on mining land of PT Samantaka coal worth IDR 1,014,329,829, - or USD 75,770 for the range of restoration of ex-mining land in 2017-2022 PV 2017. The results are expected to be useful and can be used by stakeholders, academics, researchers, practitioners and associations of mining, and the environment.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.