Evaluating Urban Status of Informal Settlements in Indonesia: A Comparative Analysis of Three Case Studies in North Jakarta

  •  Waleed S Alzamil    


Informal settlements have become one of the most important issues facing urban areas in Indonesia. The emergence of informal settlements, called ‘kampungs’, in Jakarta has accompanied the rapid urbanization, and it has become more serious in recent decades. This paper evaluates the urban status of informal settlements in Jakarta. The methods used include a comparative analysis of three case studies in North Jakarta: A. Kampung Bandan; B. Kampung Luar Batang; and C. Kampung Muara Baru. This paper founds that upgrading these settlements must be in accordance with a comprehensive plan that includes priority improvements. The paper proposes integrating the local community into informal area improvement processes because they are aware of their actual needs.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.