Waste Management Mind Map: Public Environmental Awareness Project and Creativity in Knowledge and Performance

  •  Fatema K. Al-Asfour    
  •  Heba A. Al-Helailah    


A progressive society wants to raise awareness, especially what affects everyday life. This study focuses on simplification waste management by using Mind Map. The cornerstone of this research is the use of mind maps in the field of environmental awareness, increasing environmental awareness of waste negative impact, minimizing its use, and the healthy and environmentally safe alternative. The researcher seeks to link the concepts and goals the 17 goals of sustainable development of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), with awareness of waste management and modern theories of learning, in order to reach new methodology used in awareness activities. Applied the feasibility and impact of Mind Maps on understanding and simplifying the waste management course for students’ community at the Environmental Health department _ College of Health Science. Buzan’s iMindMap 4 software was used to create mind maps for simplifying the project of waste management, the software uses lines, colours, arrows, branches to show connections between the ideas generated. Results of meta-analysis of concept waste management mind maps in student community indicated that concept mapping has positive effects on understanding, assimilation and application, Post-test results showed that experimental community made higher gains in understanding, easy to add ideas, Help you focus on the links and relationships between ideas so you don't just have disconnected facts.Researchers will be based on results in the awareness activity to reach an optimal understanding of the negatives of waste and the responsibility of the community.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.