The Imperative of the Ethics of Complementarity in the Quest for Africa’ Development

  •  Solomon Laleye    


The Externalists and Internalists interrogated the crisis of development in Africa and have suggested solutions. In response to the challenge, successive governments have adopted theories, initiated policies and strategies to remedy the situation. In spite of these efforts, the attainment of a commendable stage of development has eluded majority of African nations, this is largely because the conception of development is erroneously predicated on the monistic neglecting the dualistic aspects of development. This paper, does not only correct this misconception it also philosophically explore how Africa can overcome contemporary and future sustainable development challenges, by articulating sustainable development paradigm appropriate for the continent. The paper argued for the necessity of a complement involving the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the dualistic conception rather than a straight jacketed approach that focuses more on the quantitative aspect in the quest for development. The paper employs the analytic and prescriptive approaches of philosophical inquiry.

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