Ecological Industry: A Sustainable Economy Developing Pattern

  •  Jingfu Guo    
  •  Haijun Mao    
  •  Tingrui Wang    


The traditional linear industries led to dwindling resources and even exhaustion, as well as worsening pollution, it is a short-sighted unsustainable developing mode of the economy. Ecological industry is to realize the harmonious development between economy and environment by planning industrial systems according to material cycle in the natural ecological system. The Eco-industry coordinates discrete enterprises and industries and integrates them into optimized industrial ecology chains which establish the “resources - products - renewable resources” of the circular economy mode. This paper conducts comprehensive comparison between traditional industry and eco-industry in 10 areas, such as guiding ideology, resource utilizing, environment protection etc. The core essence of the eco-industrial system is the layer of material circulation and delivery of energy use, it is a new, sustainable economic developing model.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.