An Analysis of the Status Quo of Energy Utilization and Countermeasures in China

  •  Xiaohong Zhang    
  •  Ruichao Zhu    
  •  Xin Li    
  •  Shouli Chen    


With China’s rapid economic development and the world’s total primary Energy declining, Energy bottleneck effect on China’s economy has become increasing evident. China’s economic growth pattern is in the transitional period from extensiveness to intensiveness, the improvement of the energy structure also becomes more urgent. In this paper, the authors put forward some measures to adjust China’s energy structure through the analysis of the status quo of China’s energy structure and the existing problems. To achieve the sustainable development of energy, economics and environment, we must accelerate the transformation of China’s energy structure, and strengthen publicity and promote healthy lifestyles.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.