The Paradox of the Concept of Sustainable Development under Nigeria’s Environmental Law

  •  S. Gozie Ogbodo    


The concept of sustainable development is not novel. However, the concept has become so widely embraced beyond the initial application within the limited environmental jurisprudence. In the process, two Schools of Thought have evolved and are fiercely battling for dominance. They are the Positivists/Optimists on the one hand and the Negativists/Pessimists, on the other hand. While the Positivists/Optimists insist on promoting development for the mutual benefit of both the present and future generations; the Negativists/Pessimists insist on restricting development in the same name of sustainable development. Nigeria has wisely embraced a holistic approach to the concept of sustainable development by meshing both their development aspirations with environmental consciousness. In the same vein, both the needs of the present generation and future generation are safeguarded. This work aims at analysing the position of Nigeria in their acceptance and application of the concept under their environmental law.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.