Cost and Time Overruns in Building Projects Procured Using Traditional Contracts in Nigeria

  •  Dele S. Kadiri    
  •  Babajide O. Onabanjo    


The traditional contract procurement system is reported to be the most preferred in Nigeria for the execution of construction projects. However, the system has been criticised to be ineffective in terms of both cost and time performances. Owing to scanty empirical evidence to support this claim, this study assessed cost and time overruns in building projects executed in Nigeria using the system. Schedule and cost data of building projects were accessed from randomly selected frontline quantity surveying firms in the study area. These comprised schedule data on 51 public and 41 private building projects as well as cost data on 42 public and 33 private building projects. The data were analysed using frequency, percentage and mean. The findings from the study revealed that both public and private building projects executed in the study area using traditional contract system experienced cost and time overruns to varying degrees. However, the system was more effective in terms of cost performance than time performance.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.