An Empirical Study on the Employability Structure of Pharmacy Graduates

  •  Yan Huang    
  •  Qin Fang    
  •  Kunling Weng    
  •  Boyang Yu    


In this paper, through the interviews and questionnaires of the experts of medical colleges and universities in China, the executives of pharmaceutical enterprises and the graduates of pharmaceutical specialty, we use statistical analysis techniques such as exploratory factor analysis and confirmatory factor analysis to present and verify the pharmaceutical structural model of the employment ability of undergraduates. The results show that the structure of employment ability of the undergraduates of pharmaceutical specialty in China can be divided into four dimensions: Development ability, Social ability, Professional ability and Personal quality, and there is some correlation between these four dimensions. Among them, the innovation ability has the greatest impact on the development of pharmaceutical undergraduates. The organization and coordination ability has the greatest impact on social capacity of pharmaceutical undergraduates. The operational ability has the greatest impact on professional competence of pharmaceutical undergraduates; and the professional ethics has the greatest impact on personal quality of pharmaceutical undergraduates.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.