Criteria and Factors Affecting Sustainable Housing Design in Iran

  •  Davood Baradaran Tavakoli    
  •  Maryam Tafrishi    
  •  Ehsan Abbaspour    


Since the beginning of human life, housing problems are the most important matters of his life and with the expansion of urban life, importance in terms of the needs of mental, psychological and physical users has been doubled. The housing subject has been always interest to architects from various aspects and attempts made to improve affordable housing, attempts to improve relations or social housing, or seek to identify and develop the cultural origins, economics, management and other macro policies. On the other hand due to the growing population and consequently expand need to housing, and also identifying of residential needs of people in different dimensions necessity of this research is doubled. This study assuming more than half of the land in our cities is devoted to residential use and also lack of attention to sustainable development in the Residential Buildings the purpose of this study sustainable urban development and the achievement of sustainable affordable housin pattern.

This study focuse on descriptive- analytical and based on library research seeks to answer this question: What are the criteria for designing sustainable housing in Iran? Thus, after the introduction, do analysis and commentary related content. Conclusion suggest that in addition to aspects of sustainability (economic, social and environmental), factors such as social, cultural and attention to the flexibility according to Iranian households, design sustainable housing should be considered.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.