Development of Parking Demand Model for Private Hospital in Developing Country (Case Study of Denpasar City, Indonesia)

  •  Putu Suthanaya    


Denpasar City is the capital of Bali Province and the center of activities in Bali, Indonesia. The population continue to increase with the annual growth rate of 2%. As the number of population increase, the number of facilities including health facility also continue to increase. The traffic volume is predominated by private motor vehicle (where 80% is motor cycle) as lack of public transport service available. The trip attraction to hospital increases, however parking spaces provided are very limited. As the results the visitors usually park their vehicles on street around the hospital. This has caused a significant reduction in the road capacity. Therefore, it is required to accurately estimate parking demand both for car and motor cycle. The objectives of this study are to analyze parking characteristics and to develop parking demand models for car and motor cycle. Five private hospitals were considered in this study. Parking data were collected and used to model parking demand based on simple and multiple liner regression models. The results of this study indicated that the parking index for all private hospitals has exceeded 1. The number of beds for room class 1 was found to be the main predictor for parking demand for car. However, the number of hospital’s employees was found to be the best predictor for parking demand for motor cycle. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.