Clean Energy Efficiency of Vernacular-Traditional Architectural Indicators for the Development of Sustainable Tourism

  •  Farid Ghasemi    


Over the decades, due to the different crises, in which people are involved, they are trying to remove these big challenges with their dynamic mind. The consecutive changes in climatic conditions on one hand and energy crises on the other hand have affected human life every moment. It seems that through considering the attitudes to clean energies and their efficiency through inspiring past experiences in a combination of past and present time can not only show response to the coming problems, but also it can cover some parts of economic considerations. Tourism industry that has been considered for many years as one of the sustainable economic aspects can be valuable base for the said combination. This study tends to introduce a triangle of sustainable origins of tourism based on 3 mentioned factors including decline of energy resources, vernacular-traditional architecture experiences and tourism industry. According to the mentioned, it is necessary to implement some plans in way of use of nature of clean energies with approach of sustainable development and create some powerful foundations for this purpose through an overview of Iran's traditional architecture, which has paid specific attention to climate and the designations and constructions have been based on climatic approaches.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.