An Integral Framework for Permaculture

  •  Brad McManus    


This article presents Permaculture as a systems design approach to working with nature.  An Integral 4QAL framework is applied to identify the current focus of Permaculture and ways for it to become more holistic. In doing so, holons are discussed in the context of the inter-connected nature of our existence. The spiral of development including levels or ‘waves’ is presented, along with the prime directive of attending to the health of the spiral at all levels or ‘waves’ and in all lines or ‘streams’ of development. Without this focus, attempts to see the whole picture may be incomplete and fragmented. An Integral framework for Permaculture is presented. The benefits of adopting such an approach are discussed, along with the role that personal choice and personal responsibility play in pursuit of greater awareness and a more sustainable way of living.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.