Criteria for Housing Design with Emphasis on Comparison between Traditional and Today Contemporary Iranian Architecture

  •  Tahereh Nasr    


Settling in the cities and the numerous efforts being made for massive supply of houses in a short time period, makes difficult the access to a pattern as appropriate for family life with increase in concentration in building construction, the individual and family borders, too, are neglected.

Though due to the extensiveness and complexity of the concept of housing, one cannot give a comprehensive, unique definition of it, but the housing, as a shelter, is regarded as the primary and basic needs of the family.

House as a place for relaxation and comfort and a shelter for removing tiredness has been a peace and security locality from a long time ago. House demand is one of the most essential human`s demands. According to Article 31 of fundamental law of Islamic Republic of Iran also, possessing a suitable house is considered as the right for every person and every Iranian family. House not only as a shelter, but also as a place for humans raise, has a great importance in the initial and most fundamental society union, namely family.

Identifying the identity and investigating the residential complexes in regard to the aesthetics implies the precise and conscious observing and noticing their beauties and or ugliness.

Main Questions in this paper are:

  • What are the consequences of disregarding the identity of today's housing architecture, especially the architecture of the ancient towns?
  • Can the components of Iranian traditional architecture be applied in today contemporary residential architecture and be effective to create a sense of place?

So the main purpose of this article is Pathology of Today Contemporary Iranian housing Architecture and Comparison with traditional Iranian architecture.

The method explored is a descriptive-analytical and field method to gather information and documents are available. The impact of known factors and variables in Iranian contemporary and traditional residential architecture has been evaluated and compared.

Accordingly, having some criteria for achieving a suitable house design pattern is essential in a way that makes it possible to understand all its visual embodiments and identify its identity.

This research also state the reasons for disability of today`s architecture and urban development against house problem and recommend some criteria for achieving a house design pattern after an overview of the definition of housing and examination of Iranian housing.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.