Globalization, Poverty and Environmental Degradation: Sustainable Development in Pakistan

  •  shaista Alam    


The purpose of the present research is to investigate the impact of globalization, and poverty along with other socio-economic and demographic factors (such as industrialization, fertilizer use, urbanization, population growth and education) on environmental degradation in Pakistan. The study analyzed simultaneously the effect of environmental degradation, globalization and poverty on economic growth as well. The Study found a long run relationship between economic growth, environmental degradation, globalization, poverty and other socio-economic and demographic factors mentioned above.  The study displayed that increased globalization caused to decrease the rate of environmental degradation and played positive roll on economic development in Pakistan. The analysis suggested that poverty may cause to increase environmental degradation and may slower the process of economic development if it would not be alleviated. If we want to attain sustainable development in Pakistan, we have to globalize our resources, reduce poverty, own green technologies, control growing population and urbanization rate. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.