University-Industry Technology Transfer: Framework and Constraints

  •  Heqiang Teng    


Since the 1990s, innovation has been more accepted by many countries as a driver for socioeconomic development. National economic success is ever more determined by a country’s effectiveness in mobilizing and utilizing knowledge. Universities are being viewed by policymakers in many countries as engines of growth. This will encourage universities to reconfigure themselves with structures which maximize their capacity for innovation. University-enterprise technology transfer activities are increasingly important as a source of regional economic development and revenue for the university. The conversion of University research into economic growth is vital for the future of the China. In order to improve the efficiency of this transfer, the research should be made know the mechanism and methods for technology transfer between the university and enterprise, The authors develop an overview of the problem and recommend two strategies for accomplishing this end, and presents a technology transfer model seen from the point of view of most technology receivers in Xi’an China.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.