Employees’ Perceptions on Color Preferences Towards Productivity in Malaysian Office Buildings

  •  Syahrul Kamaruzzaman    
  •  Emma Ahmad Zawawi    


In Malaysian context, many office buildings are not much aware of the effect of colour towards working environment. The preferences of colours are made without further study upon the upcoming problems that might arise due to the unsuitable colour choices. Therefore, there should be an exposure to the employer to improve the surrounding situation of the office that fulfill the needs and comfortability of the employees.

This study was conducted to enhance the awareness of both building user and the facility managers on the importance of color scheme in the productivity of work. Three case study buildings were choosen which consist of three offices building in the capital city of Malaysia. Questionnaires were distributed to each case study and feedbacks from the respondents were gathered. Data collected are then analyzed and findings are then presented.

In Malaysia nowadays, there is lack of awareness towards the preference of colour scheme for office buildings. Many do not aware of the effect of colour scheme towards the employees’ productivity. It is anticipated that this study would be able to enhance the awareness and to encourage the correlation between working environment and colour matters amongst building users and managements.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.