The Tourism Development Strategy Based on Rural and Local Wisdom

  •  Hamim Farhan    
  •  Khoirul Anwar    


This article is about to discover the concept of rural tourism developmental strategies based on rural and local wisdom in the Island of Bawean in Gresik Regency. The research uses qualitative mrthod in which the mapping and inventory of primary data sources of rural based potential tourism with local wisdom are taken. The results show that the tourist potentialities among others are: (1) natural potencies of tourism which include Lake Kastoba, the Gili Island, the Cina Island, Noko Island, Nyimas Beach, Mayangkara Beach , Laccar waterfall, Pattar Selamat waterfall, Sangkapura hot spring; (2) Religion (historical) tourism potencies including Jherat lanjeng (Long Ceemetery), Siti Zaenab Waliyullah Cemetery, the Cemetery of Maulana Umar Mas'ud, Kercengan arts and culture, Mandailing arts and culture, and there is also Deer breeding of local type, typical culinary, woven mats made of pandan leaves and so much more. This research suggests that the regional Government of Gresik (Regional Tourism Agency) and Provincial Tourism Office of East Java have to promote their tourism potentials as a sustainable flagship program.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.