Environmental Role of National Parks

  •  Molla Mekonnen Alemu    


The natural ecosystems are endangered due to human behavior; the razing of forests is diminishing the world’s oxygen supply and potentially irreplaceable natural resources. Wetlands are being drained, eliminating breeding environments for millions of birds and reproducing grounds for fish; cherished fauna and flora species are being endangered from extinction. Clean water, clean air, access to food sources, buffers of weather events, cultural and spiritual values, and raw materials for consumers, are some of the ecosystem services that ensure the well-being of humanity. Well-managed protected areas are a proven mechanism in the protection and conservation of healthy ecosystems and the services they provide. National Parks are essentially planned to shelter the lasting "wilderness" of a given country and have principally dedicated on the maintenance of extraordinary areas or emblematic species. This paper is aimed at exploring the environmental role of national parks by having an extensive literature review and come up with recommendations which can help the conservation of national parks.

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