Representing a Sustainable World – A Typology Approach

  •  Don Clifton    


This paper presents, in the form of a typology, the findings of a current research project concerned with what it means for there to be a sustainable world. The typology if framed around key sustainable world dimensions and how each of these is considered in terms of Reformist and Transformational approaches to giving meaning to a sustainable world and how this might be achieved. Key themes evident in the typology are discussed namely the primary sustainable world goal of flourishing life, the anthropocentrism-ecocentrism divide, approaches to human interests satisfaction, and optimisation vs resilience living. The paper notes the mere descriptive nature of the typology and concludes with some thoughts on ways in which the typology might be critiqued to identify which approach, Reformist or Transformational, is more likely to see the primary goal of a sustainable world achieved.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.