A Model for Incorporated Measurement of Sustainable Development Comprising Remote Sensing Data and Using the Concept of Biodiversity

  •  Azniv Petrosyan    


The central point of the paper is on concern of how to utilize indicators to observe sustainable development in an applicable and valuable way. The aim of the work was to propose a model for achieving a composite sustainable development index using the concept of Biodiversity in order to track incorporated information on social, economic and environmental dimension of the municipality with time periods, according to:

1) Social (Population);

2) Economic (Agriculture, Tourism, Agricultural Goods and Industry);

3) Environmental (output of remote sensing data using Fragstat software).

An attractive approach is suggested for the environmental dimension. The calculated metrics become an input to the model like Environmental Indicators. In addition, the concepts of Biodiversity are kept for Environmental Indicators in the following way: Ecosystem = Landscape Level and Species = Class Level. Finally, the results, discussions and conclusions are provided for each existing theme, each dimension and CSDI.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.