Analysis of Stormwater Management Systems: Sustainable Approaches for Wuhan, China

  •  Rong Sheng    
  •  Nawari Nawari    


With the rapid pace of urbanization and drastic transformation of economic form, Wuhan, a central city of China is facing serious inland inundation problems in recent decades. This study intends to alleviate Wuhan’s storm water management problems in a sustainable way and give suggestions as to the improvement of residential area storm water management and lakeside wetland protection. Based on the data provided by Geographical Information System, analysis is done to the land form of the whole city and the change of its lake areas, which evidently demonstrates the influences of economic development on the natural environment of the city and reveals the causes of the inundation problems. Taking the population growth, land use and climate change into consideration, this research argues that strategies such as green roof fostering, neighbor-hood water reuse and wetland conservation can make a difference in stormwater drainage and prevention of inland inundation in Wuhan.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.