The Capitalism and Economic Behavior of the Maritime Community A Case Study of the Pasompe’ Community in the Bugis Makassar Land of South Sulawesi

  •  Eymal B. Demmallino    
  •  M. Saleh S. Ali    
  •  Abd. Qadir Gassing    
  •  Munsi Lampe    
  •  Nurbaya Busthanul    
  •  La Nalefo    


This study aims to reveal the influence of capitalism on the economic behavior of the maritime community, by studying the case of the Pasompe’ Community in the Bugis Makassar Land of South Sulawesi. This research was conducted using the Verstehen method which is the "reversal of the burden of proof" of what is at the "back" of the Pasompe’ Community’s income distribution in the Bugis-Makassar area in South Sulawesi. The results showed that the underdevelopment of the maritime community, especially the Pasompe Community is rooted in the uncultured mentality characterized by the large claim made by owners of capital to the workers, a negative deflection of Western capitalism, which historically has been created since the days of colonialism. Without ignoring the positive side of capitalism, further research also found that the greater the capital invested by the owners of capital (bourgeois) on the one hand and the lower productivity of workers (proletariat) on the other hand in the socio-economic structure of the maritime community, resulted in the ever flourishing uncultured mentality, where it is very clear that people with this type of mentality can not be expected to build maritime civilizations in the future.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.