Factors Affecting the Fertilizer-use Decision of Maize Farmers in Ghana

  •  Alexandra Hill    
  •  Barrett Kirwan    


This work examines the factors that influence whether or not a farmer applies inorganic fertilizer in the Ghanaian context. Current maize yields in Ghana average only one-third of their estimated potential, but this yield gap can be reduced by improving farming practices and growing conditions in Ghana; specifically, yields in Ghana can likely be increased by intensifying the use of inorganic fertilizer, other inputs, and irrigation systems. Recently, Ghana introduced a fertilizer subsidy program to help increase fertilizer-use rates. This paper examines alternate instruments for increasing fertilizer use by determining farm-holder characteristics correlated with inorganic fertilizer use. The results show that the farmer's distance from the closest weekly market, whether the farmer has a pre-harvest contract, and whether the farmer has property rights on the field have a significant effect on fertilizer use.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.