The Institutional Analysis on “Rich Poverty” Issue of Energy Chemical Industry Base in Northern Shaanxi

  •  Jing Zhao    


System defects and policy-related exclusion in the development and utilization of energy resources bring the problem of rich poverty to energy chemical industry base in Northern Shaanxi. The long-term existence of the rich poverty problem of energy chemical industry base in Northern Shaanxi forms a deep-seated constraint to the sustainable development of energy economy in Northern Shaanxi and the state’s energy security. From the present situation of poverty in Northern Shaanxi to build the system analysis framework of resource-based poverty problem of Northern Shaanxi, from several aspects including the irrational property rights system of natural resources, financial and taxation system, resource products pricing system, resources and ecological compensation mechanism and social responsibility system of energy corporate in the resources economic operation, to systematically analysis the long-standing system causes of the poverty of the energy chemical industry base in Northern Shaanxi, and propose specific ideas to reduce poverty in Northern Shaanxi.

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