The New Market Transformation Needed for Commercial Building Energy Efficiency

  •  Valerie Patrick    
  •  Leslie A. Billhymer    
  •  William Shephard    


The U.S. Department of Energy [DOE] established the Consortium for Building Energy Innovation [CBEI] to address commercial building energy efficiency as an innovation cluster, where the regional market context (Note 1) guides the research agenda for market transformation (Porter, 2001). CBEI develops content to support Advanced Energy Retrofits (AERs), a retrofit which results in 50% or greater reduction in building energy use, in small- and medium- sized commercial buildings (less than 250 000 ft2). The challenge is collecting input for a market with many stakeholders so that a strategy emerges to implement AERs. This research applies systems and complexity theories to develop a strategy to promote the emergence of AERs in this market incorporating multiple stakeholder perspectives (Note 2).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.