A Brief Intermodal Rail Network (IRN) Scale: Establishing Validity and Reliability

  •  Rian Mehta    
  •  Stephen Rice    
  •  Deborah Carstens    
  •  Ismael Cremer    
  •  Korhan Oyman    


An Intermodal Rail Network (IRN) Scale was created for the purpose of measuring consumer perceptions about their experiences with airport intermodal rail travel. Some previous research has focused on intermodal rail in other arenas, but to date, no paper that we know of has developed a valid and reliable scale to measure consumer perceptions of airport intermodal rail travel. The indirect purpose of this scale is to aid in measuring the factors that would influence the use of an IRN, wherein the greater the usage, the greater the efficiency, and therefore reduce the number of vehicles around the airport that produce greenhouse emissions. In this paper, we outline the methodology used to develop our scale. A total of 365 participants were solicited to help generate items for the scale, narrow down the list of items to those most relevant to a positive experience with intermodal rail, and test the final scale for validity and reliability. A factor analysis using the principle components and varimax rotation loaded strongly on one factor, providing evidence for validity. Reliability was tested via Cronbach’s Alpha and Guttmann’s Split-half tests, indicating high consistency and reliability.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.