Common Economic Space as Progressive Legal Institute of Integration in World Economy

  •  Alibayeva Gulnar Aytzhanovna    
  •  Zhumagulov Marat Imangalievich    
  •  Kussainova Larisa Islyamovna    


One of the most important manifestations of world economic system’s globalization is its movement to the integration, which is showing, including, in creation of economic integration associations. This tendency is typical and for the Post-Soviet states. In this regard the period of the 1990th became especially active when in the territory of the former USSR there was the number of economic blocks – the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), the Union State of Belarus and Russia, the Common Economic Space (CES), the Organization of Central Asian cooperation (OTsAS), the Eurasian economic community (EurAsEC). The concept of the Common Economic Space (CES) was a consequence of searches most general and progressive legal institute in intensive integration processes in world economy. As a whole, formation of CES carries out in difficult economic and political situation. It demands the careful scientific analysis of all accompanying aspects.

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