Pedagogical Conditions of University Students Professional Core Competencies Formation in the Process of Humanitarian Training

  •  Alsu R. Nabiyeva    
  •  Yuliya L. Kamasheva    
  •  Elikanida P. Mutavchi    
  •  Albina N. Kudyasheva    
  •  Alfiya M. Ishmuradova    
  •  Nina D. Apraksina    
  •  Vera V. Murugova    


The development of university students’ professional core competencies today is one of the urgent problems in their humanitarian training. It is advisable to take into consideration the core competencies as a new unit of measurement in humanitarian education of a student – a future specialist, focusing on pedagogical conditions of their formation and results of learning process, which are considered not as the amount of learned knowledge, skills, but humanitarian ability to use this knowledge in different situations creatively. The study aim is to justify scientifically pedagogical conditions’ structure and content of university students’ professional core competences’ formation in the process of their humanitarian training. The leading research method is the method of pedagogical conditions’ complex modeling of university students’ professional core competencies formation in their humanitarian training process. The article presents the theoretical and methodological bases of pedagogical conditions’ complex designing of university students’ professional core competencies’ formation in the process of their humanitarian training: the concept of competence-based approach, declared in the FSES of HPE requirements (federal state educational standards of high professional education), as productive ideas of humanitarian training modernization; variable model of core professional competencies’ development; the structure and content of scientific and methodological support. Article materials are designed for university teachers of humanitarian disciplines, educators, young scientists, postgraduates, students of the advanced training system and teaches’ retraining. They can be profitable for specialists of enterprises’ technical departments, undergraduates and University students, interested in research work.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.