The Approaches’ Evolution to the Local Governments Activity Efficiency Assessment

  •  Marina I. Lavitskaya    
  •  Elena A. Pevtsova    
  •  Elena E. Alenina    
  •  Lyudmila G. Rudenko    
  •  Alfira Y. Gafurova    
  •  Elena A. Kaptelinina    
  •  Sergey V. Kiselev    


The relevance of approaches’ study to local governments’ activities’ efficiency assessment is justified by the fact that efficiency is the indicator of development of the municipal education’s development and the foundation for adequate managerial decisions’ making. A leading approach in this problem’s study is a method of comparative estimation of local governments’ functioning efficiency. The article presents the analysis of different points of view of domestic researchers on the category of local governments’ activity efficiency, identifies differences in notions as “efficiency” and “local governments’ activity efficiency”, gives the analysis to different methodical approaches of local governments’ activities’ efficiency assessment, to the principles of their construction, to the results of critical analysis of the official system which is united for all the entities of the Federation - the system of local governments’ activity efficiency estimation. Materials of the article are of valuable significance for researchers, teachers and students studying the problems of formation and development of the national municipal economy, its research methods in the framework of disciplines “Economics of public (state) services”, “Municipal economy”, as well as for specialists of local governments dealing with the problems of the effectiveness’ evaluating of the municipal economy system.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.