Organizational and Pedagogical Conditions Development of General Competences Formation in the Educational Activities of the University

  •  Irina V. Rudenko    
  •  Nailya I. Fedorova    
  •  Isita V. Muskhanova    
  •  Satzita A. Alieva    
  •  Banati C.-A. Kasumova    
  •  Zarina I. Gadaborsheva    
  •  Elena V. Gunina    
  •  Konstantin B. Tumarov    


The urgency of this problem is justified by the fact that not only training, but also educational activities of the University should be directed to the development of future professional’s personality, on the formation of his or her professional and cultural competences. In this regard, this article contains a study how to form bachelors of Humanities’ professional competencies in higher education. The basis of the study of this problem are the ideas of competence-based approach, the theory of the individual’s entity, allowing on the basis of educational organizations’ activity improvement to solve the problem of the graduate’s personality professional formation. The article demonstrates the capabilities of the universities’ educational activities in situations of pedagogical interaction between teachers and students to prepare future professionals, reveals the role of the teacher - supervisor of the student groups. Organizational and pedagogical conditions of bachelors’ professional competencies’ formation in the course of educational activities and the results of their testing during the pedagogical experiment are developed in the article. This article is intended for teachers, researchers, heads of educational institutions who are engaged in education and training at the University.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.