Corporate Social Responsibility and Its Relevance to Accounting

  •  Saeid Homayoun    
  •  Zabihollah Rezaee    
  •  Zahra Ahmadi    


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been extensively and inconclusively debated in the literature. In this essay, we examine the development of CSR by both reviewing the evolution of the conceptual framework and models of CSR and discussing social responsibility accounting and auditing. We conclude that both business and academic communities worldwide should pay closer attention to CSR and its components of economic, social, and environmental performance. Business organizations worldwide are just starting to recognize the importance of quality as it relates to CSR and the link between profitability and social behavior. Justifications for CSR are fulfilling moral obligations, maintaining a good reputation, ensuring sustainability and licensing to operate, and creating shared value for all corporate stakeholders.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.