The Program "Client's Voice" as a Tool of Business Structure Innovations

  •  Anvar V. Gumerov    
  •  Irina V. Mukhomorova    
  •  Regina R. Sadykova    
  •  Larisa E. Fatikhova    
  •  Natalia M. Chikisheva    
  •  Lyudmila M. Simonova    
  •  Elena E. Alenina    


The purpose of this article is aimed at improvement of interaction between a customer and a manufacturer on the basis of quality management methods development in the business structure. The article demonstrates the quality functions’ structuring of the final product based on the study of explicit and implicit needs of the client at the products’ design stage or its updating. The basis of the presented paper is the ideas of total quality Management, principles of products quality continuous improvement, production losses reduce and lean manufacturing. The article presents the concept of information support of the program "client’s voice", which includes the necessary knowledge and information sources, method of information preservation and use, method of information formalizing from the client. This article is intended for business leaders, top Managers, researchers, all who are involved in the process of development and quality control in business organizations.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.