Regional Practice of Developing Road Safety Behavior Competency in Future Specialists

  •  Roza Sh. Akhmadieva    
  •  Rifkat N. Minnikhanov    


Road safety – is one of the principal needs of the person, and to ensure it, the person must view himself as a subject thereof. Thus every person needs to have a developed ability to distinguish and prevent threats, and ensure personal safety when on the road. Training future specialists, capable of teaching road safety behavior to various age-groups of population is becoming one of the most important objectives of professional pedagogy. So the scientific novelty of the article is in: theoretical rationalization of the road safety behavior competence development process in the future specialists that reflects cognitive, disposition and asseptive personality characteristics; a designed model of regional system for ensuring road safety behavior based on participation, continuity, clustering, productivity, personification, prevention principles that covers all social and age-groups of population and directed at establishing a unified regional road safety behavior information and technology environment. Materials of the research can be used for improving educational courses for training future specialists in the field of "Life safety", as well as in developing regional road traffic safety improvement targeted programs and the Federal Road Traffic Safety Improvement Targeted Program for the period until 2020.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.