Optimization of Research and Methodology Work at University in Terms of the Process Approach

  •  Ibragim D. Ibragimov    
  •  Rezeda R. Iskhakova    
  •  Mariam A. Galeeva    
  •  Milyausha M. Kalashnikova    
  •  Julia V. Ryseva    
  •  Ilkhamiya I. Galimzyanova    
  •  Ivan A. Sharonov    


The objective of this article is to improve the research and methodology work at university providing regulatory and instructional work of university teachers. The submitted article presents a way of managing a scientific - methodological work in terms of process approach that ensures quality of educational activities at university. The basis of the submitted work are the ideas of total quality management including the cycle of continuous activity improvement. The authors have developed the principles and process algorithm "Management of research and methodology work at university," diagnostic tools of evaluating university teachers’ activity. This article is intended for educators, researchers, heads of educational institutions involved in design and management of research and methodology work in higher education.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.