A System Model of Forming Economic Competence of Future Accountants On the Basis of Contextual Approach

  •  Irina G. Yakovleva    
  •  Faina V. Povchednaia    
  •  Oksana V. Lebedeva    
  •  Irina V. Lushchik    
  •  Liudmila I. Chernikova    
  •  Olga R. Semikova    
  •  Evgeny V. Dmitriev    
  •  Svetlana Y. Novoselova    


This article aims to develop a system model to form the economic competence of future accountants. The leading approach to the development of this model is the contextual approach which allows to dynamically modulate the subject matter and social content of the future expert professional work providing conditions for transformation of the students’ learning activities into a professional activity. The system model of forming economic competence of college students submitted in the article enriches the scientific knowledge with the objectives, tasks, methodological approaches, principles, factors, leading guidelines, forms, methods, technologies and the results of economic education of the future competitive specialists. The experimental results presented in this paper demonstrate the effectiveness of the this model on the basis of contextual approach. The article submissions are of theoretical and practical value for the teachers of secondary and higher vocational education.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.