Methodological Approaches to Assessing the Regulatory Impact of the State in the Innovation Development Sphere of Market Services

  •  Regina R. Kharisova    
  •  Sergey V. Kiselev    
  •  Natalia M. Chikisheva    
  •  Lyudmila G. Rudenko    
  •  Irina A. Astafyeva    
  •  Viktoriya L. Grankina    
  •  Larisa V. Khabibullina    


The acceleration of the transition of the Russian economy to an innovative way of development largely depends on the innovativeness in the services sector. The efficiency of the services sector and its innovation development cannot be addressed without consideration of the regulatory role of the state and the assessment of this role. However, there is still no comprehensive study of this problem; there is only coverage of some aspects of the problem and fragmented presentation of its individual aspects. The article analyzes the causes for the need of the state influence on the innovation development of services, methods of regulatory impact assessment (RIA) by industry, including the service sector, highlights the stages of the development of the RIA methodology, systematizes theoretical approaches to the regulatory impact assessment by the state. All this allowed the authors to justify a system of principles and directions of research within the logic of RIA, a set of methods and tools for collecting, processing and analyzing data, forming a methodology for the use of RIA, a system of criteria and indicators of the realization of the RIA goals. This article is intended for researchers, teachers and graduate students studying the problems of regulatory impact assessment of a state on innovation, as well as specialists of the state bodies dealing with the problems of improving the regulatory impact assessment of the state.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.