The Electronic Learning System as a Means of Forming Professional Competencies among University Students

  •  Ekaterina I. Zagrebina    
  •  Zemfira G. Sharafetdinova    
  •  Irina V. lushchik    
  •  Svetlana M. Konyushenko    
  •  Natalya V. Ermoshina    
  •  Elena Y. Kosyakova    
  •  Gulnaz S. Ashrafullina    


The purpose of this article is aimed at the development of pedagogical tools and methods of forming students’ competencies in the course of higher education. The submitted paper presents the potential of information technology in forming professional competencies of the university students providing the students’ classroom and individual organization. The grounds for the presented paper have become the ideas of competence-based approach, the system of modern didactic principles that intensify the students’ learning and cognitive activities. The article describes the structure of modern e-learning system that satisfies the federal state educational standards and contributes to the students’ professional competencies. This article is intended for the educators, researchers, heads of educational institutions engaged in the development of academic syllabi and pedagogical tools to provide university students with professional competencies.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.