Essential and Content-Related Characteristics of Higher Education Internationalization

  •  Elena V. Grigoryeva    
  •  Elena A. Tenyakova    
  •  Irina V. Afanasyeva    
  •  Tamara A. Kordon    
  •  Elena V. Bakshaeva    
  •  Nadezhda I. Stepanova    
  •  Tatyana N. Petrova    


This article aims to reveal essential and content-related characteristics of higher education internationalization. The main method to the study of this problem was the comparative analysis of scientific-pedagogical and sociological literature. The paper presents the evolution of "education internationalization" concept, the authors’ interpretation of the concept, identifies the main components of education internationalization (structural and administrative, organizational and substantive and procedural), four groups of factors of education internationalization (economic, political, cultural and educational). The materials of this paper are of value to the scientific community engaged in comparative studies in the field of higher education, for the teaching staff in educational programs designing in terms of education internationalization as well as for students of pedagogical specialties.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.