Situational Problems as a Means for Forming the Professional Competencies of University Students

  •  Yuliya L. Kamasheva    
  •  Zulfina S. Aglyamova    
  •  Sergey P. Yakovlev    
  •  Elena V. Konovalova    
  •  Anna S. Zhuravleva    
  •  Ramil H. Mingazov    
  •  Maja V. Polyakova    


The purpose of this article aims to study the problem of forming students’ competencies during the professional training in the university. The paper demonstrates a methodology for the development and application of situational problems as an effective means of forming the professional competencies of university students. The basis of the presented work is the ideas of the competence-based and the activity-based approaches, expert evaluation of the university students’ educational activity. The article describes the technology for developing the situational problems, based on the analysis of the professional roles. This article is intended for educators, researchers, and heads of educational institutions that are into the formation and diagnostics of university students’ professional competencies.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.